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  • Kickass entrepreneur: Pitaya Plus

    Kickass entrepreneur: Pitaya Plus

    Chuck Casano first encountered pitaya while working for a nonprofit in Nicaragua. He describes the fruit as looking like a flaming pink artichoke and loved it so much that he started blending it up every morning while he was there. When he came back to the U.S., he realized the fruit wasn't available...

  • Bright idea still going strong

    Bright idea still going strong

    Starting a business is always risky, but sometimes when the need is there, you just have to jump in and go for it. Brothers Doug and Drew Littlemore are lifelong La Jolla surfers who saw that need during their years of surfing in the tropics and not having access to adequate sunscreen. In the mid...

  • Kickass Entrepreneur: Shake Smart

    Kickass Entrepreneur: Shake Smart

    Two friends, who were also students at San Diego State University, realized back in 2011 that there was a huge lack of convenient and healthy food options on campus. Being broke and having limited cooking facilities meant buying and prepping food wasn't realistic. That's when Kevin Gelfand and...

  • Kickass Entrepreneur: SpaBlue

    Kickass Entrepreneur: SpaBlue

    SpaBlue is not just your ordinary Spa. Sure, the Del Mar luxury spot has everything you would want, but with one little twist. It cares about the community, the environment and its ecological footprint. This change comes from customer-turned-owner Emma Hughes. She's tall, gorgeous and cares not...

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