7 reasons San Diegans love to brunch

Because it doesn't get better than a Bloody Mary by the beach

George's at the Cove
George's at the Cove

On any given Saturday or Sunday morning, you’re either in or you’re out.

If you’re in, I mean you’re in what feels like the longest line of your life, counting down the seconds until the sweet-and-savory-breakfast-meets-lunch-bliss hits your lips.

If you’re out, you’re basically a social recluse.

Okay, I’m exaggerating. But the appetite that San Diego has for weekend brunch is unparalleled. We take the early-afternoon meal very seriously. Do not get between a local and their eggs benedict. Don’t even think about it.

So why brunch? As a self-proclaimed queen of the meal, I have a few ideas.

  1. Timing is totally flexible. Breakfast foods at 1 p.m.? Sure, why not! Brunch will always be there whenever you wake up, so you can push your 10 a.m. meet-time back a few hours, depending on how rough of a night you had leading up to this. It’s the only meal that allows you to get away with your always-running-late habit that you’ve been “working on.”
  2. The two best B’s: Bacon and Bloody Marys. For whatever reason, it’s completely acceptable to order an extra side of bacon to your already bacon-boasting entrée. And those build-your-own Bloody Mary bars that you can find at places like West Coast Tavern (2895 University Ave., North Park) and Davanti Enoteca (1655 India St., Little Italy) leave you feeling slightly more accomplished in your day. High five!
  3. It’s perfectly okay to get a little day-drunk. If you’re reading between the lines of your favorite restaurant’s brunch menu, they’re basically begging you to booze up. The best part is how classy you look drowning in your bottomless mimosas… until it’s time to stand up, that is. Your Uber driver is waiting.
  4. Showing up in remnants of last night is allowed. The unspoken rule at brunch is “no judging.” There’s always the friend that rolls in with a little too much leftover makeup still smudged from Friday’s party. Buy that girl a latte.
  5. But also, brunch is people-watching at its finest. Because while brunch is a judge-free zone, it’s still a great place to see everyone else’s state-of-struggle, especially if you’re in the PB or downtown vicinity.
  6. (Almost) Free therapy. You need to rehash last night’s events, STAT. There’s really no better place to clear your memory-lapse then around the table, getting the scoop on what exactly happened after your third whiskey-ginger at Bootlegger.
  7. We can brunch with a view. The absolute best part of brunching in San Diego is the spots that offer a side of ocean view with your chilequiles. Top restaurants with a blue-view in my book include JRDN at Tower23 (723 Felspar St., Pacific Beach), George’s at the Cove (1250 Prospect St., La Jolla) and Humphreys Restaurant (2241 Shelter Island Dr., Shelter Island).

Everyone has their go-to brunch spot in San Diego, of course, for reasons as scrambled as my eggs. For the best French toast in town, you can find me at JRDN at Tower23. When I’m feeling extra-indulgent, I go all-out with the sweet and savory chocolate brunch at Eclipse Chocolate (2145 Fern St., South Park). A quick bite with minimal wait time? Get the coconut-glazed doughnuts and beer from Tiger! Tiger! (3025 El Cajon Blvd., North Park) and thank me later.

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