Trending: Nick Offerman's Manly Mustache Tips

Nick Offerman doesn't need November as an excuse to grow one truly manly mustache. Most know him as his character Ron Swanson from the NBC series "Parks and Recreation". It seems that Nick and Ron may have more in common than we all thought. Offerman stars in the video which was created by Made Man as a guide for all the men out there looking to grow the best Movember Mustache possible.

10 Essential Movember Mustache Tips:

1. Hammer a nail.

2. Send a handwritten letter

3. Capture a household bug, then set it free.

4. Tolerate a crying baby.

5. Smell wood.

6. Move out of your parent's house.

7. Gain the trust of a dog.

8. Sweat.

9. Eat a raw onion.

and finally...

10. Don't shave your upper lip.

Watch the video here:



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