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DJ Spotlight: Feenixpawl

 When you hail from Australia, Americans tend to already love you. And if you make killer beats that get us hyped up on the dance floor, we adore you. Bonus points if there are two of you melting our hearts.

Feenixpawl, the Australian house music duo composed of Aden Forte and Josh Soon, have been climbing their way to success with each new track. They’ve launched a career that’s not just music for themselves, but songs that have caught the interest of artists like Kaskade, Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto and Avici. Their groundbreaking hit “In My Mind” propelled them into the world’s eye and ears in January of 2012, making Feenixpawl an in-demand show to book.

Now, you can catch the heartthrobs live at the newly renovated 207 inside the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego this Sunday, November 18th. Before you party with Feenixpawl, get to know them in our latest DJ Spotlight.

DiscoverSD: How and when did you begin producing music?

A: We began probably 8 or 9 years ago. We used to mess around with Fruity Loops simply for the love of music. I guess we just slowly developed from there.


DSD: How do you classify your style of music? 

A: It’s hard to say really. I guess progressive house, big room house. When we are in the studio we don’t try and make any specific genre, we just try and sit there and put together something that we would enjoy listening to.


DSD: What new projects are you working on in the coming year?

A: We have a whole bunch of new things coming up. We just finished doing our first compilation for Onelove called Sonic Boom Box which Avicii mixed the other disc. We have another couple of tracks with Ivan Gough, as well a few other collabs and plenty of our own stuff. So keep an ear out for them.


DSD: What tracks and remixes are you most proud of to date?

A: “In My Mind” has of course done wonders for us. It’s opened so many doors and helped us to achieve a lot of the goals we had set out for ourselves. As well as our remix for Kaskade’s ‘Room For Happiness’. We’d looked up to him for years so it was a great honor to be asked to remix that for him.  


DSD: What have been your greatest professional achievements so far?

A: I think when ‘In My Mind’ hit number one on Beatport. That was a great achievement, and something we always wanted to accomplish. Also, the track was number 1 on the ARIA Club Charts in Australia for 12 weeks which huge for us, then to be nominated for an ARIA Award for beat dance release was a great honor. Finally, it’s always been a goal of ours to play at Marquee in Las Vegas, so to be able to support Kaskade there this weekend is amazing.


DSD: What producers and musicians are you inspired by?

A: Growing up, we both listened to a great deal of Michael Jackson and Fleetwood Mac, so they were a huge influence to our careers. But more recently guys like Eric Prydz, SHM, Stuart Price, Kaskade and so many more.  


DSD: How do you two play off each other to make the duo work?

A: We are such great mates that we can bounce off each other quite easily. I think the key is not to be too precious about ideas or suggestions. We have an honest relationship and we generally have similar opinions about things. 


DSD: What are your hobbies and passions, outside the music industry?

A: We’re geeks at heart I think. We play video games and watch space documentaries, and plenty of cartoons like South Park and Family Guy. We also play basketball a few times a week and we’re big NBA fans.


DSD: We can’t wait to party with you at Hard Rock on November 18th. What can we expect to experience during your show?

A: Hopefully a lot of fun! We try and keep things pretty high energy. We love to party so hopefully that comes through in our set. We have a whole bunch of new music to play for you as well.


DSD: How do you compare the U.S.’s electronic music scene to Australia’s?

A: They’re quite similar really. I think the crowds both here and back home are so enthusiastic about Dance Music and it’s fantastic. For us to be able to fly half way around the world and have people know the words to our tracks is so humbling. I think both scenes are growing so rapidly it’s great for our industry.


DSD: What’s your secret to keep on making successful hits?

A: I think the key is just to make music that you yourself would love to listen to. If what we’re making gets us putting our hands in the air in the studio, then hopefully it will connect with the fans too!

Love Feenixpawl? So do we! Party with them at 207 in the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on Sunday, November 18. Get details here,



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