Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots at La Jolla Playhouse

“Oh Yoshimi, they don't believe me; but you won't let those robots eat me…”

Fans of the 2002 hit from The Flaming Lips have an unexpected venue to experience the psychedelic rock jams this month. La Jolla Playhouse presents the world-premiere musical Yoshimi Battles the Pink RobotsNovember 6 through December 16, introducing a thrilling fantastical robot world to the Mandell Weiss Theatre.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots opens with authority featuring an exceptional collaboration between Playhouse Director Emeritus Des McAnuff (known for The Who's Tommy, Jersey Boys, Jesus Christ Superstar) and The Flaming Lips’ own Wayne Coyne. The Tony Award-winning director imagined the tale around several of The Lips’ works, including “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” (2002), “The Soft Bulletin” (1999), and “At War with the Mystics” (2006).

For alt-rock fans and theater-buffs alike, it’s a show with major production value. The making of Yoshimi presented a creative challenge for all team members of the La Jolla Playhouse. On stage, a 14-foot robot puppet towers over audiences as dancers in glowing LED costumes illuminate the theater. Stunning projections create a multi-media, multisensory experience. The story itself cannot be successfully conveyed without the cohesion of all production elements, from the Costume Shop’s lighted robot suits to the Electronic Team’s advanced LED construction, the Sound and Video effects, the Scene Shop’s 3-D shell modeling and the cast’s ability to involve it all while meeting the demands of the staging and choreography.

The 14-foot robot is a particular point of pride for the show, designed by internationally-renowned puppetry designer Basil Twist. Requiring five people to function, the robot gets suspended using a flying rig. In order to keep it on stage however, three humans inside have mastered a choreographed walk. Discover more in this exclusive video:

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is more than just wild theatrics and soaring Flaming Lips songs. The story follows a young artist fighting for love and for her own survival. Yoshimi struggles with her health, which becomes the noted internal battle of pink robots. While science-fiction is the back bone, the tale also involves an intricate love triangle. Technically complex and extensively planned, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots throws audiences into the midst of pink saturation, endless rock, inspired technical production and captivating martial-arts battles.

For tickets and more information, visit lajollaplayhouse.org.



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