JackHawk 9000 Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Bottle opener sunglasses; why didn’t we think of that first?

Three San Diego guys, plus a buddy from NorCal, are in the process of creating bad ass multi-purpose sun accessories powered to shade your eyes while opening your beers. You’ve heard of bottle opener belt buckles, and even the questionably unsanitary sandals with bottle openers underneath. And now it’s time to meet the JackHawk 9000’s -- a new breed of booze-fueled titanium glasses for the minimalist man.

The men with the bold idea are Patrick Eckstein (29), Matt DeCelles (24), Zach Luczynski (23) and Steven Dempsey (24). Luczynski and DeCelles graduated from SDSU in 2010 with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and remain active in the alumni group with like-minded entrepreneurs. The guys recall that the idea was born on a late night phone call back in fall 2011. The idea flourished in the academic group setting, as Eckstein was brought in to formulate the product’s brand identity and marketing plan. Eckstein, who graduated from CSUSM in ’08, is well known in the local nightlife industry for his range of roles from event planning to bartending. And Dempsey, a ’11 Cal Poly graduate, is the connection to the NorCal consumer audience.

How they work: The JackHawk 9000’s marry fashion with function in design and utility. In other words, you’ll want to wear them, and they’ll actually work. The arms are made from aerospace grade, light weight titanium, and sealed with a powder coat to warn off damages. And the secret weapon hinges are vacuum welded to the arms for strength in action. With sound product engineering and durable titanium strength, the JH 9000’s not only open bottles, they open a whole lot of bottles. The guys are proud to share that the prototype pair has opened 350 beers, and counting.

In this early phase of design, the glasses are black, trendy and Ray Ban-inspired. Polarized lenses will protect your eyes, filtering out UV light, and are coated with Iridium to reduce glare. While a few big brands have played with the idea – including Reef – no bottle opener sunglasses of this kind exist on the market today. Currently, the guys have three patent pending technologies.

How you can help: Now, the guys need you to show some love. The JH 9000 idea was accepted by Kickstarter in December, which is a large funding platform for creative projects. The official Kickstarter fundraising campaign launches on Thursday, May 24 and runs through Thursday, July 5. If they reach their goal of $15,000 in those 42 days, then the JH 9000’s become a reality, and the serious product development and manufacturing begins. If the goal is not met, all funds will be returned per Kickstarter’s policy.

Through the Kickstarter online portal, people are able to make pledges and receive prizes in return. Starting at just a $5 pledge, the JH 9000 spokesman Skip Chapington will thank you in a personal video. With a $25 pledge, you will receive a JH 9000 branded key chain, and for $90 you will receive a pair of JH 9000’s, once they are available. For the big ballers, a $2,000 pledge gets you five pairs and a VIP party in San Diego; and $10,000 gets you a wild weekend in Las Vegas with the team, glasses included.

Check out the new JH 9000 video, starring Skip Chapington:

For more information and to make your pledge starting May 24, visit kickstarter.com

Pictured: Left to Right - Zach Luczynski, Patrick Eckstein, Steven Dempsey -- by Devin White

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