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It’s no surprise that we San Diegans love our craft beer. We can’t get enough of locally brewed flavors, from Karl Strauss to Green Flash and Pizza Port. But what don’t we love? Beer bellies.

There comes a time when we must put the pint down, and instead, pick up a calorie-conscious “skinny” cocktail. Be warned, drinking skinny spirits won’t make you lose weight. However, opting for a low-cal spirit over a heavy beer will aid your efforts to slim down for summer. Every calorie counts, and many popular cocktails are known to pack in a day’s worth of sugar in one single serving. The number of calories depends on the proof of the alcohol, the mixers used, and the size of the drink. Avoid the traditionally made Margarita, Mai Tai, Piña Colada and Long Island Ice Tea, which can have over 600 calories per spirit.

Let’s be honest, life is too short to stop drinking, no matter how strict your diet. We rounded up San Diego bars and restaurants serving skinny cocktails for your guilt-free pleasure. We love the Farmer’s Skinny Daughter at Fleming’s, Blood Orange Vino-jito at Saltbox and the Bonita Skinny Margarita at Barrio Star.

Sip on these skinny cocktails this summer in San Diego.

Slim Mango Jalapeño Martini: Roppongi Restaurant & Sushi Bar in La Jolla

Roppongi is celebrating summer with new skinny cocktails. Four low-cal spirits are now available on the bar menu, from super spicy to simply sweet. Order the Slim Mango Jalapeño Martini, made with Absolut Mandarin, fresh mango, organic jalapeños and sweetened with agave nectar. Or cool off with a Svelte Strawberry Martini, featuring an in-house opal basil-infused Nada Red vodka with muddled strawberries, simple stevia and a strawberry garnish. The skinny cocktails are $8 each during happy hour, 3 to 6pm daily.

Juniper Fusion: Yard House in Downtown San Diego

Yard House is known for a massive selection of beers on tap, but the bartenders take care of calorie-conscious drinkers, too. Our downtown Yard House offers six “Fresh & Skinny” cocktails that are made with a signature citrus agave house blend, and range from 115-176 calories each. Sip on the Juniper Fusion, made with Hendrick’s gin, fresh strawberries, fresh cucumbers and orange bitters; or the Citrus Crush, made with Ketel One Citroen vodka, Monin Mojito mix and fresh mint leaves.

Farmer’s Skinny Daughter: Fleming’s in La Jolla

The name Fleming’s typically comes to mind when craving a big, juicy filet. But this upscale steakhouse also offers healthier ways to indulge, from salads to skinny spirits. The “Fleming’s Skinnier Cocktails” menu boasts six selections at only 99 calories each. We’re loving the Farmer’s Skinny Daughter, made with Ketel One vodka, fresh basil leaves, strawberries, freshly squeezed lemon and cranberry juice; and the Bikinitini, made with Grey Goose L’Orange vodka, lemon juice, orange juice, Monin sugar-free syrup and soda water.

Blood Orange Vino-jito: Saltbox in Downtown San Diego

Saltbox at the Palomar Hotel isn’t messing around with its menu of craft cocktails. With the dieting party people in mind, Mixologist Erin Williams offers three low-cal cocktails that still pack a punch. Try the Blood Orange Vino-jito, with blood orange juice, Cointreau, Plymouth gin, white wine and club soda. And new to the menu is the Indian Summer, mixed with Cointreau, Hendricks gin, lemon juice, blackberries, cucumber and a sprig of sage, muddled and topped with club soda, garnished with a blackberry and slice of cucumber.

Suzie’s Strawberry Mojito: Quality Social in Downtown San Diego

Skinny and sustainable? Make it a double. Quality Social serves two skinny cocktails, featuring ingredients from local farms, at only 100 calories each. Order Suzie’s Strawberry Mojito, made with light rum, lime juice, mint leaves and strawberries from Suzie’s Organic Farm, topped with club soda. Or, ask for the Skinny Bee, made with gin, lemon, and local orange blossom honey, topped with champagne.

Smoke and Mirrors: Mister A’s in Banker’s Hill

The revamped bar menu at Mister A's boasts three “Skinny Drinks” that they claim have fewer calories than a light beer. Spice things up with Smoke and Mirrors, made with Don Q rum, watermelon, Serrano chilies, fresh squeezed lemon and agave nectar; or sip on the Sexy Organic Cosmo, a take on the classic made with Tru Organic Citron vodka, cranberry and fresh squeezed lime juice.

Honey Lime Martini: Beaumont’s in Bird Rock

Green is the new black, especially when cocktails are concerned. Get your eco drink on with the Honey Lime Martini, a conscious mix of Tru Organic Amber gin, fresh lime juice and a honeycomb reduction, served up. Also on the menu, the Lemon Squeeze Me, made with Tru Organic Lemon vodka, Aperol, maraschino liquor, grapefruit and muddled fresh mint, served on the rocks.

Haiku Sunset at 333 Pacific in Oceanside

Up in Oceanside, 333 Pacific gives you plenty of ways to drink without guilt, complete with a refreshing ocean breeze. For an exotic twist, order the Haiku Sunset, made with Gekkiakan hauku sake, Citronage, cranberry juice and a fresh squeeze of lime; or La Sandia, made with Three Olives watermelon vodka, cranberry juice and watermelon Monin, garnished with a fresh watermelon slice.

The Skinny: George’s in La Jolla

Every diet is more enjoyable with a little vodka and an expansive ocean view. Head to George’s on the Cove and sip on The Skinny, the one featured low-calorie cocktail made with Absolut vodka, kiwi, strawberry and lime with a half sugared rim. The Skinny has 120 calories per serving.  

Acai Blueberry Skinnytini at La Jolla Strip Club in La Jolla

This refreshing spirit is full of flavor and natural sweetness, while cutting the calories. The Acai Blueberry Skinnytini is made with Van Gogh Acai Blueberry, La Sierra agave nectar, white cranberry juice and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Sip in good faith, at just 156 calories per serving.

Bonita Skinny Margarita: Barrio Star in Banker’s Hill

Barrio Star’s take on a skinny margarita uses Refine, an all-natural zero calorie mixer. The Bonita Skinny Margarita is only 97 calories per serving, and is made with Milagro Blanco tequila and Refine lime mix.

Skinny Margarita: Duck Dive in Pacific Beach

Over in Pacific Beach, the new Duck Dive is serving a Skinny Margarita. Their low-cal variation is made with Avion Silver tequila, fresh lime juice, fresh lemon juice and agave syrup.

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