Industry Boxing: Meet the Contenders

Put your boxing gloves on and don your finest spectator attire, because DiscoverSD, Victory MMA and FLUXX are bringing you the first ever Industry Boxing Night on Monday, Jan. 30th.

Witness many of our favorite men and women about town as they take to the ring in support of San Diego Youth Boxing. Our toned and tough industry friends will battle it out within a massive boxing ring set up inside FLUXX, while DJ Brett Bodley takes fight song requests and spins inspiring beats.  

While the brave souls duke it out on the mat, guests can sip on signature cocktails and take their pick from our raffle prizes that include A.W.O.L. Snow tickets and gift cards from Bar West, The Griffin, McFadden’s, F6ix, Side Bar, Ciro’s, Platinum Tan, Harney Sushi, Mind & Body Spa, San Diego Beer Tours and more local hot spots.

Industry Boxing Night pre-sale tickets are $10 and admission will be $20 at the door. All ticket and raffle proceeds will be donated to support San Diego Youth Boxing.

If you want to see the healthy competition before the big night, join DiscoverSD at F6ix on Sunday, Jan. 29th when the competitors report for their final weigh in. The weigh in starts at 9pm, and trust us, you won’t want to miss these muscles.

Who will prove to be the strongest contender? Your favorite industry pros have been training day in and day out, and took a quick break to give us an update.

Meet Nicole Culbertson from RMD Group:

What muscle is your best? How do you work it out?

My ass! I work it out with lot’s of squats and kick boxing.

What is your signature move in the ring?

I have a good right cross.

What’s your fight song?

2pac “All Eyes On Me”

Why are you going to win?

I’m feisty so I will win.  

Does your fighting style match your style in the bedroom?

Aggressive, so yes.

Meet Steve Wyland from The Griffin:

What do you prefer…making love or war?

Making love then war then back to love

What is your signature move in the ring?

Hook to the body then hook to the head

What is your signature move in the bedroom?

Oh the same…hook to the body then hook to the every time.

Favorite body part, not necessarily used in this fight?

A nice firm butt. Duh

What would you say has been your greatest victory so far?

Saving these kids from a shark attack in the Pacific.  I got a nice scar on my side from it, but it was well worth saving some lives.  Now you gotta decide if I have a scar or if the story is true.

Define your fighting style.

Punch, catch my breath, punch, catch my breath, maybe punch again, catch my breath.

And for the main event, meet Chris Martin from The West Group:

What muscle is your best? How do you work it out? 

My heart and I work it out one lady at a time :) …. Just kidding, biceps of course. Suns out, guns out!

What is your favorite workout routine? 

Tom Hill fitness program at Victory MMA and Fitness.

What defines your victory?

Raising a substantial amount of money for this charity, training hard and putting on a good show for the people who show up to watch.

What’s your fight song?

“I Wanna Sex You Up” by Color Me Bad

What would you say has been your greatest victory so far?

Hmmm, every “conquest” is a small victory…. One notch at a time.

What kind of training did you go through to prepare for the match?


Does your fighting style match your style in the bedroom?

If you mean two minutes of fury, then yes they do match.

So there you have it. The competition is fierce and the stakes are high. The first annual Industry Boxing Night is going down this Monday, Jan. 30th at FLUXX and doors open at 9pm. Join DiscoverSD and Victory MMA to support San Diego Youth Boxing and find out who will be named the inaugural Industry Boxing Champion.

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