Three Local Skincare Products to Try

Spa visits were intended to be a vacation of sorts for the skin. But the trick for long-lasting restoration is to maintain health and glow through the potency of at-home products. Anyone can create their own spa in their home with the help of product lines benefiting self-health every day of the year. You have every right to design your own relaxation haven.

Skincare products are all about revolutionizing the way our skin reflects inner beauty. With new advances in technology, spas are giving you the tools you need to enhance what's already there.

Discover three local skincare products designed to heal and restore.

Bien-Etre Spa: Osmosis Medical Skincare

In a rejuvenating stem cell facial offered at Bien-Etre Spa, the skin is healed using the Osmosis Skin Care line also sold at the spa and online. Used on even the most sensitive of skin, nutrients within Osmosis Skincare are non-inflammatory and still highly efficacious. Osmosis addresses every aspect of skin damage including collagen/elastin production, scar tissue build-up, loss of skin nutrition and growth factors, and DNA damage. By using advanced ingredients, Osmosis is the first to offer DNA repair strategies using Zinc Finger Technology. Available products at Bien-Etre include the Osmosis Quench Moisturizer, Clarify Serum, Deep Clean Cleanser, Calm Serum, Catalyst Serum, and the Purify Cleanser. For more information, visit

Wai Hope Organic Skin Care

Local cancer survivor Vincene Parrinelo created the Wai Hope Organic Skincare line in hopes of offering more than just a beauty product in a jar. Inspired by the process of undergoing illness and medication, she developed an organic skincare line free of chemicals. The products are composed of proprietary ingredients such as the Red Fijian Seaweed and the Wai Restructured Water in place of purified water. The innovative ingredient of the Wai Hope products boasts cell replenishing abilities essential for anyone’s healthy lifestyle, and the products work to communicate to the injured or weakened skin cell DNA. Best sellers in the line include the Daybreak Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer, Private Reserve Serum di Hope, and the Wai Quintessential Repairing Balm. For more information, visit

The Spa at Rancho Bernardo Inn: Made Fresh Daily Recipes

Using “Made Fresh Daily” seasonal offerings, the Spa at Rancho Bernardo Inn applies all-natural ingredients and seasonal elements chosen both for their freshness and their healing benefits. Each handcrafted package includes a special “spa at home” body treat recipe from a spa therapist and “food at home” recipe by the culinary experts to continue the spa experience after you’ve left the facilities. Because they’re made fresh at the spa, each product is only available in limited-edition packages for the season. Currently the spa is offering chocolate indulgence. By March, they’ll transition to fresh cherries, zesty lemons, and more spring treats. For more information, visit

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