Anti-Aging Facials at San Diego Spas

It happens to the best of us. We get older. Without warning, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear on our once-flawless skin. Whether your uh-oh age is 40, 30 or even 25, the inevitable signs of aging work their way into our lives, and they’re here to stay. Or, are they?

San Diego spas to the rescue, with a lineup of restorative anti-aging treatments custom designed to turn back time by improving circulation, increasing oxygenation, and promoting cell renewal. A few of my favorite miracle workers include the Age-Defying Facial at The Spa at La Costa Resort, the Ultimate Signature Facial at Spa Gregorie’s, the Anti-Age Ritual and 8-Flower Lift at The Spa at Park Hyatt Avaiara, and the Radiance Anti-Aging Facial at The Spa at Rancho Valencia, among others. Before you take drastic measures with med spa services or cosmetic procedures, first visit these luxurious spas to defy age in style.

Discover the top anti-aging treatments at San Diego spas.

Age-Defying Facial at The Spa at La Costa Resort

The North County resort’s signature spa recently underwent an interior facelift, while simplifying and refocusing the menu, drawing upon local, natural inspiration. Described as the most advanced non-surgical technology available, the Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion treatment re-educates the facial muscles to lift, tone, and add firmness. During the treatment, cellular turnover is improved, deeply detoxifying the skin, leaving it vibrant and more youthful, just as you like it. The Age-Defying Facial is $230 for 80 minutes.

Ultimate Signature Facial at Spa Gregorie’s

The description for this facial reads like a novel, because it truly is that detailed and intricate of a skincare treatment. The Ultimate Signature Facial features the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging, including microdermabrasion cream exfoliation, botanical peptides, firming lip treatment, collagen stimulating eye treatment, an antioxidant mask of acai, gogi berry, noni, and pomegranate, instant line filler and a finish of tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. A soothing hand and foot massage adds to the complete rejuvenation. An add-on option is NuFACE, a boost of micro currents to instantly tone and lift the facial muscles. The Ultimate Signature Facial with NuFACE is $145 for 90 minutes.

Anti-Age Ritual + 8-Flower Lift at The Spa at Park Hyatt Aviara

The Spa at Park Hyatt Aviara recently welcomed a renovation, updating the solarium décor and fitness equipment, and redefining the treatment menu. The new “bespoke” menu boasts services that are completely customized for our individual needs, including anti-aging. The Anti-Age Ritual is a facial that uses state of the art techniques, such as peptide technology and botanical ingredients, to correct and tighten fine lines and wrinkles. The ultimate experience, however, is the 8-Flower Lift, a powerful multi-layer anti-aging mask that is designed to tighten, tone, and lift. Anti-Age is $240 for 80 minutes, 8-Flower Lift is a $50 add-on.

Anti-Aging Facial at Catamaran Spa

The Catamaran Resort’s signature spa offers a variety of facial treatments that are customized to personally address your skincare needs. The Anti-Aging Facial is explained to improve circulation, increase oxygenation, and promote cell renewal, while diminishing fine lines and leaving your skin with a radiant glow. This facial is enhanced with a complimentary hand and foot treatment. The Anti-Aging Facial is $170 for 80 minutes.

Firming & Hydrating Facial at The Spa at Rancho Bernardo Inn

One of the most luxurious resort spas in San Diego, The Spa at Rancho Bernardo Inn just introduced a revamped menu, filled with enhanced treatments and top-of-the-line products. One of the many featured Organic Facials is the Firming & Hydrating Facial, which is designed to stimulate collagen and rejuvenate skin for age-defying results. This facial uses the Eminence Organic skincare line, and is custom tailored to your skin type for the most effective and enjoyable experience. The Firming & Hydrating Facial is $170 for 80 minutes.

Osmosis Facial Infusion Peel at Mindful Skincare

Mindful operates out of the Dwell Sanctuary day spa in Hillcrest, offering a variety of natural skincare treatments. Ideal for age-defying results, the Osmosis Facial Infusion is described to be the first non-acid peel in the skincare industry that creates a substantial increase in fibroblast activity as well as significant stimulation in collagen production. Instead of wounding the skin, Facial infusion gently resurfaces the eqidermis by feeding the dermis to encourage cellular renewal, making it safe for any skin condition. The Facial Infusion can be customized to specifically treat acne, aging, rosacea, and pigmentation. The Osmosis Facial Infusion Peel is $125.

Diamond Bella Facial at Spa Velia

The most dramatic and results-oriented skincare service at Spa Velia, the Diamond Bella Facial begins with a Diamond Glow treatment that utilizes the technology of non-particle microdermabrasion to leave your skin supple and vibrant, followed by a Classic Rejuvenation Facial, which uses the science of Epicuren’s co-factored enzymes to promote cell renewal. The anti-aging experience is finished with a Silver Ion Mask, which assists in enhanced delivery of nutrients and moisture to the skin. The Diamond Bella Facial is $170 for 80 minutes.

Radiance Anti-Aging Facial at The Spa at Rancho Valencia

This serene resort spa offers an anti-aging, skin strengthening, free radical neutralizing treatment to bring your skin back to life. The Radiance Anti-Aging Facial utilizes cosmeceutical and botanical ingredients, including Vitamin C, citric and fruit acids, sea buckthorn extract, alpha-lipoic acid, and coenzyme Q10 to fortify and nourish the skin. An innovative system delivers these concentrated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and hydrators, resulting in a brighter complexion, smooth texture and immediate glow. The Radiance Anti-Aging Facial is $185 for 75 minutes.

Anti-Aging Aqua Facial at The Spa at Torrey Pines

The signature spa at The Lodge at Torrey Pines offers a variety of custom skincare treatments in an ocean-side La Jolla setting. The Anti-Aging Aqua Facial is designed to make you look years younger by lifting, firming, and hydrating the skin. During the treatment, a special exfoliation process removes dead skin cells, and is followed with a marine spring water mask – the ultimate in luxurious hydration – to reduce the appearance of fine lines and give your skin a radiant glow. The Anti-Aging Aqua Facial is $195 for 80 minutes.

Fountain of Youth Peptide Peel at Bergamot Spa

One of the most advanced boutique day spas in Encinitas, Bergamot claims that this treatment will leave your friends wondering whether or not you had a real facelift. The spa experience begins with manual microdermabrasion, followed with peptide peel exfoliation to prepare for the ultra-hydrating smart cell complex serum, which contains six clinically proven peptides in effectively high levels to bring about remarkable results.  The peptides enter the cells and restore communication necessary to rebuild collagen and the deeper layers of your skin, restoring its firmness and natural glow. The Fountain of Youth Peptide Peel is $140 for 60 minutes.

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