Nightlife: Hot New Halloween Photos

Have you recovered from your Halloween debauchery yet? Or are you still eating leftover Kit-Kats for breakfast?

Halloween 2011 tore up San Diego, overwhelming our sidewalks, taxicabs and eventually the nightclubs for a full week of costumed crazy parties transformed into thrilling, spooky underworlds. From Playboy Halloween at Ivy Nightclub, to Hard Rock Halloween, Thriller at F6ix, FLUXX Fetish and Monster Bash downtown, traditional goblins and ghouls were replaced with the sexy, the scary, and the scandalous creatures on the prowl for tricks and treats. The eccentric dressing up aspect of Halloween was endlessly addicting, so we don't blame you if you're still hiding a piece of your costume under your work garb this week.

Costumes reached new creative heights this year, as we spotted some flirty couple looks (Katy Perry and Russell Brand), hilarious group costumes (Oompa Loompas for the win) and plenty of elegant and deadly Black Swans to go around. It’s settled—no one can ever accuse San Diego of not being able to hold down a good party – we celebrated big for four plus days, and we looked damn good doing it.

View all of the Halloween photos and more in our Photo Gallery!

Discover some of our favorite costumes of Halloween 2011…



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