Watch: Shark Night 3D Experience

No matter how many times we’ve heard it, the Jaws theme song never fails to terrify straight to the core. Two simple musical notes equate to total terror. The chilling tune has left a mark on our culture, all thanks to the movie’s representation of sharks attacking viciously in the deep blue waters. If you are a San Diego ocean swimmer, you’ve undoubtedly had the scenes flash through your mind multiple times. The effortless ability for sharks to tear a human apart in one bite and smell their fear miles away is enough to keep us swimming with caution even decades later.

This same cinematic experience gets reinvented in the all-new Shark Night 3D, a film set to release September 2. Relativity Media is bringing San Diego a special release experience for 2011 Comic-Con attendees to get shark-attacked before anyone else in the world. From Thursday July 21 to Sunday July 24, terror-lovers are invited to Petco Park for four days of exclusive movie previewing.

Shark Night 3D’s main star, a man-eating, interactive mechanical shark, will be available for photo opps with any brave fan. You’ll get a photo print-out along with immediate uploads to your Facebook and Twitter. Aside from the eat-you-alive show-stopping shark, you’ll recognize Hollywood stars in the film including Sara Paxton from the Sleepover and Superhero Movie, Katharine McPhee from The House Bunny, Dustin Milliganof Final Destination 3 andChris Carmackfrom The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations.

The movie tells the story of seven college friends who spend a weekend at a lake house in Louisiana’s Gulf area. Their lighthearted vacation takes a turn for the worst when the shark attacks begin, devouring the innocent part-people. Confused on the origins of the creatures in the freshwater lakes, the team discovers that the sharks are part of a greedy plan on the part of several locals.

Written by Will Hayes and Jesse Studenberg, and directed by Final Destination’s David Ellis, the 3D film produces realistic shark attacks to put you right in the center of the action. Get your feet wet and dive into the deep blue Thursday through Sunday, July 21 to the 24 in the Petco Park D1/D2 Parking Lot. Watch the trailer for the film here, and brace yourself for what lurks below. Stay tuned: the summer 2011 film will be terrorizing waters near you; RSVP now, on their Facebook page.

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