Get Fit with FitTogether

With a new year and new resolutions ahead, let’s make being a couch potato a thing of the past. Wouldn’t you rather fill your Facebook page with check-ins at the gym than the pizza place around the corner? We thought so.

Don’t know where your nearest gym or fitness class is? That’s where social networking site FitTogether comes into play. The website “Where Fitness Meets” helps find exercise opportunities in your area. And yes, you can search the site at home on your couch. But once you log on, you’ll quickly find the motivation to get up and get moving.

It’s easy to find classes, groups, trainers, or people interested in personal health and fitness with Blending elements from social networking sites with blogs, FitTogether makes it a breeze to find fun ways to live an active lifestyle. Joining fitness groups and pages, chatting with other group members, finding upcoming local fitness events and reading up on the latest nutrition and workout-related articles is only a few clicks away.

Finding your newest passion or new workout buddy is simple. Groups that make up the FitTogether community include bodybuilders, snowboarders, dancers, basketball players women’s roller derby members and more.  Don’t see a group that fits your interests? You also have the freedom to start your own.

If you’re starting from the ground up, FitTogether offers tools to help you transform into a lean, exercise-driven machine. The Quick Health Calculator generates a simple report on your general health status, so a clear fitness goal is within reach. Calculators for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also available for planning and managing a consistently healthy diet. Too much math for you? At least take a look at the Liquid Calorie Counter, which will have you second guessing that third Cactus Cooler.

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