Beauty Spotlight: Jarrod and Kirk of Detour Salon

Our hairstylists are our saviors. They get our locks back to a healthy state, transform the way we look, and give us the tools we need to go out in the world, bold and beautiful.

Thankfully, we aren’t always left to our own devices when it comes to hair care. Detour Salon, located in Encinitas, grants our city with a team of experts who know a thing or two about styling, coloring, and everything in between. As our 'dos prepare for the harshness of winter air, we thought we’d get to know two salon owners a little better. Jarrod and Kirk of Detour Salon are the guys you want to get acquainted with and trust for your beauty needs.

Both hailing from Iowa, these boys have developed Detour Salon into the successful hair stop it is today. Jarrod, the owner and business manager along with Kirk, the owner and stylist work tirelessly to build and encourage their staff, create an uplifting environment and deliver extraordinary results to clients. From managing and marketing to styling and primping, Jarrod and Kirk do it all for the sake of gorgeous hair. Learn more about these two, their passions and vision for Detour, and some of their tips for San Diego hair care.

Get to know Jarrod and Kirk in this week’s Beauty Spotlight.

DiscoverSD: First off, what is your official position at Detour Salon?

Jarrod: Owner/ Business Manager

Kirk: Owner/Stylist

DSD: Now, how would you actually describe what you do?

J: It’s a big small business, so there are a lot of positions…Business Manager/Owner/Coach/Marketing Director/ Plumber/ Bouncer/Host/Visionary

K: The majority of my time is spent behind the chair with my clients. Any open time is spent training, and managing inventory in the retail store.

DSD: Where are you originally from? What brought you to San Diego?

J: The biggest reason we all end up here…the sun and the beaches! We both grew up in Iowa but made the circuit through San Francisco, Kansas City and Tucson before landing in San Diego. The west coast is where we wanted to be, but this time further south. I was offered a position with a major hair care manufacturer as National Education Manager, so it was a done deal.

K: I’m originally from Iowa City, Iowa. Great place to live, but couldn’t handle the climate!

DSD: How long have you been styling hair?

J: 19 (choke/gasp) years as a licensed stylist

K: 20 years

DSD: What are your specialties?

J: Training and coaching

K: Business Building and client satisfaction

DSD: What are three things about your job that you love?

J: 1) I love watching the lightbulb go on with a staff member and seeing professional growth happen 

2) after working for so many years for huge corporations, I love being the master of my destiny

3) combining two of my biggest interests-business and fashion

K: 1)The creative environment that salons by their very nature have

2)Connecting with clients that you’ve known for 10 plus years

3)Growing in house talent

DSD: What’s an average day like for you?

J: I have to include my morning walk with my dog. He keeps me grounded and clear headed. Then the madness begins at Detour. We’re open 7 days a week, with 40 staff members, so there really isn’t an average day. It’s one of the things I love about it. The first thing I’ll do is look at how booked we are for the day. If a stylist isn’t busy, I’ll get them going on something whether that’s hitting the streets with their business cards or have them look through magazines to identify 3 solid trends for the season. I do seem to spend a lot of time with bookkeeping—horrible necessity—and benefits administration.

K: An average day behind the chair can be creatively exhausting! You have to take the needs and wants of the client and turn it into a reality every 45 minutes. 

DSD: What's one of your biggest accomplishments as a stylist or business owner?

J: I’ve been fortunate in my career to have had many accomplishments for myself working with hair care manufacturers. None has been so fulfilling though, as creating an environment where my staff can excel. The first time I was able to send our stylists to London for the Alternative Hair Show was a great feeling because it signaled that they were on board with kind of salon and culture were creating. This year we’ve also been honored to receive several “best of” awards as well as being quoted on Dr. Oz’s blog and Tyra Banks’ site among other press. That’s pretty cool.

K: Surviving the economic collapse that the country is still going through. As a relatively new business owner, I think that if you can weather that, you can weather anything. I’ve never had to work so hard to overcome the challenges that were thrown at us in 2009 and 2010. 

DSD: What do you hope for when your clients leave Detour?

J: Ahhh…this is actually in our mission statement. I want our clients to love their experience at Detour so much that they want to recreate at least a small part of that experience at home. I hope that they trust our stylists are experts in their field.

K: If the client recommends us to a friend or family member, our work has been accomplished. 

DSD: When not working, how do you like to spend your time in San Diego?

J: Since I spend so much time around people, I really like to decompress with no one around. But I’m a big fan of good food, and after taking care of so many others, I like to be waited on. North County has some GREAT little gems like Petite Madeleine and Aria in Oceanside.

K: Gardening, listening to NPR, and reading.

Hair Care

DSD: Why should we care about our hair?

J: It’s such an expression of who we are! There’s nothing else that we do that demonstrates so clearly our interests, our priorities in life and what we value.

K: It’s one of the things that tells the world who we are. It crosses socio-economic, political, religious, class strata and sends a direct message to others as to how we look at and approach life.

DSD: What are 3 essential tips for San Diego hair care?

J: 1) Make that appointment! So many women have long hair here that and it’s easy to think you don’t need a trim. But, long doesn’t mean it’s healthy or even looks good. You’ve gotta have it shaped. 2) Condition it! Outdoor activities, blow dryers and flat irons are insidious little split end makers. Mitigate as much as possible with conditioner. 3) If you want to stand out from the rest of the blonde pack, try being a redhead or sultry brunette.

K: 1) Wear a hat. 2) Condition. 3) 8-10 weeks for a cut is too long. Try for 6-8 weeks to keep it looking great.

DSD: What are the top winter hair trends, for both cuts and color?

K:  Flat iron straight is still making an exit, albeit slowly. Waves are in, and in big. Most editorial spreads are showing long hair, with very little in the way of bangs, and lots of wave. Braids are finally making a comeback, also! I've always loved braids, and felt like they got a bad rap. I'm glad to see them reappearing. Colors have moved to super natural shades, at least here in San Diego. Blondes have become softer. Brunettes have become mid-range. Highlights are more blended and spread out to reduce maintenance.

DSD: What are some hot celebrity hair trends out right now?

K: Most of the celebrity hair I'm seeing is mirroring the editorial work in the fashion world. The shapes, textures and feel of the styles are very natural, and very un-forced. Colors are soft and subdued. The ombre look has been huge for awhile, and that feeds in to the more natural feel of the styles right now. Highlights aren't taken right up to the scalp anymore...they're being given some breathing room. Interestingly, men's styles are relying heavily on stronger lines and angles. A lot of my guys are asking for styles like "Don Draper" from Mad Men. 

DSD: Lastly, do you ever have a bad hair day?

K: Yes. But rarely.  :)

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