Editor's Xtend Barre Summer Challenge

When it comes to fitness, I’ve pretty much tried it all. From soccer and running stairs to yoga and spin class, and just about everything in between, I jump at the chance of trying a new workout that may be the key to maintaining my ideal weight and shape. But I’ve come to realize that my optimism and willingness to try new exercise trends may actually be what’s limiting me from reaching my goals. One Pilates class here, one boxing session there does not a fitness strategy make.

Last week I finally tried Xtend Barre for the first time, and it only took one session to get me hooked. Different from the standard fitness classes I’ve experienced at FIT, Lava Fitness and more of the top San Diego gyms, Xtend Barre is completely unpredictable, very challenging yet fun, and designed to slim down and tone your entire body. Translation: muscle memory-proof, sneaky and efficient, and muscle bulk-free. To top it off, classes are led by San Diego Charger Girls, which as you can imagine, creates a very motivational atmosphere.

My Xtend Barre Challenge: OK I’ll admit it, I’ve only been to Xtend Barre three times so far, but because I believe in this class so much, I am publically announcing a personal fitness challenge, and inviting you to join me. In honor of the swiftly approaching summer season, I vow to dedicate the entire month of May to transforming my body into the best possible shape, with the help of Xtend Barre in Carmel Valley. Fitness has officially become my first priority, and I promise to attend Xtend Barre classes four times per week, every week in May, in addition to regular cardio workouts, a healthy diet and an alcohol free lifestyle. Rather than just trying a new class here and there in between routine partying without ever really getting anywhere, I will put my body to the ultimate test for one full month to prove what results you are actually capable of achieving with Xtend Barre in San Diego. As Editor-in-Chief of DiscoverSD.com, there is always a restaurant opening or celebrity hosted party to attend, distracting me from what really matters beneath the surface. But now, there are no more excuses.

The Xtend Barre Secret: While I will always argue that you must try it to truly understand, by definition Xtend Barre combines the strengthening and stretching of Pilates with the coordination and cardiovascular benefits of dance to create fun, fast-paced, and forever-changing routines that can burn between 500-700 calories per 55-minute class. Compared to traditional barre workouts, Xtend Barre incorporates blasts of high-energy cardio, leaving your every muscle feeling the burn, while working up a sweat. But don’t just take my word for it. Xtend Barre is the exercise method of choice for such Hollywood A-Lister’s as Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Kelly Ripa, and Anna Paquin. Maybe it’s just me, but I would pretty much take any advice Madonna has to give regarding health and fitness.

Are you in? Meet me at the barre! There are currently three Xtend Barre studios in San Diego, located in Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Carmel Valley, with a fourth location opening soon in Scripps Poway. The most convenient location for me, I will be a regular at Xtend Barre Carmel Valley this May, and beyond. The schedule is easy to work with, offering classes before, during, and after work hours. I will most likely be mixing up 6am classes and 6:30pm classes during the week, combined with 9:30am and 12noon classes on the weekends. Be like me and invest in a one month unlimited membership for just $99 (new members only), or pay $23 per class.

Game on! My Xtend Barre Challenge is to attend four classes per week, every week in May, to prove what results you are actually capable of achieving with Xtend Barre in San Diego, if you put fitness first. You have my word that I will not cheat or skip out on classes. But I do have to warn you, I will be getting a head start this last week in April…

Xtend Barre Carmel Valley is located just off the 5 freeway, at 3422 Tripp Court, Suite C, just south of Del Mar in North County San Diego. For more information, call 866.401.3772 or visit xtendbarrecarmelvalley.com.

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