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RealD: 3D Movies Like Never Before

With all the downloading and Netflix going around, it’s a wonder that anyone still makes it out to the movies anymore. But there’s something about the dark room, the giant screen and the good show that can never be quite imitated from the couch in the living room or the laptop, especially with all the 3-D action going around these days. Alice in Wonderland, Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon were visually stunning pieces of art that pulled the audience in by bringing the characters and beasts off of the screen. And if RealD technology (the new generation of 3-D) doesn’t get people back into the movie theaters, nothing will.

The 3-D experience has come a long way since the blue and red paper specs that used to come in cereal boxes. Now when you walk into the theater for the latest 3-D blockbuster, you are handed a relatively cool looking pair of shades in a monochromatic color, packaged and reusable, how cool is that? It’s a little hard to believe that 3-D films have been around since the 1950s, but with the high cost of the technology needed to produce them, it makes sense that only in the last decade has the 3-D experience really taken off.

RealD technology now captures images in the same way our brains do: a single camera (our brain) takes two separate images (like one from each eye), and then merges them into a single image, giving the image the depth it needs and seemingly making the screen disappear. This new technology, like the progression of 3-D, was a long time coming. And now we can thankfully have a movie-going experience that’s beyond the DVR.

And movie theaters are beginning to jump on the RealD bandwagon in hopes to pull people from their homes and back into the theaters, much like how their grandparents use to have a night out on the town at the movies. The screens at big movie theaters, like AMC Entertainment, also got an upgrade in order to support RealD technology; the more sensitive screens deliver bright, sharp 3-D images much like what you see naturally. But the technology isn’t as readily available as it seems, since the ratio of 3-D equipped screens to regular big screens is extremely low, there are only so many theaters you can experience Avatar in 3-D. But in the very near future, the demand for RealD cinema is surely going to revolutionize the way you think about going to the movies and experience the film arts all over again.

AMC Entertainment is at the head of the movie-going revolution and San Diego’s AMC Fashion Valley 18 at Fashion Valley Mall is one of the relatively few theatres to get the $40,000 to $60,000 dollar 3-D screen upgrade. Comfort and the ultimate visual experience are brought together by the RealD technology and who knows, maybe in the next 10 years going to the movies will be like being on the set but without all the bloopers.

Discover these 3-D and RealD theaters in San Diego for your next movie experience

United Artists Horton Plaza 14 in Gaslamp Quarter Regal Cinemas, which owns all theaters operating under the United Artists name, is the largest movie theater circuit featuring major motion pictures in the United States. This theater screens 3D and RealD movies for your enhanced movie experience. For more information, visit

Ken Cinema in Kensington Landmark Theatres is a recognized leader in the industry for providing to its customers consistently diverse and entertaining film products in a sophisticated, adult-oriented atmosphere. The Ken Cinema (aka Landmark Theatre) showcases a wide variety of films ranging from independent and foreign films to 3-D movies and smart films from Hollywood. For more information, visit

AMC Theatres Mission Valley 20 in Mission Valley AMC Entertainment is the second-largest movie theater chain in North America with 5,325 screens, and is one of the United States' four national cinema chains. Its Mission Valley theater hosts 3D and RealD movies, so we suggest getting to this busy mall early to wait for your fav movie. For more information, visit

Ultrastar Mission Valley Cinemas in Mission Valley Ultrastar Cinemas has exactly the movie experience you’re looking for. Whether you’re seeking a hearty laugh or a good cry, there’s certainly something for everyone playing on one of its seven digital screens. They also screen 3D movies as well, and even offer D-BOX motion seats, which immerse you deeply and fully into the movie you’re watching. For more information, visits

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