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NadaRed Vodka: The Taste of Freedom

In a day and age where many faux charity organizations take advantage of a cause to reap monetary benefits from the good will of others, it’s refreshing to discover a company as honest, passionate, and creative as NadaRed Vodka.

Before he created the brand, NadaRed President Daniel Cabo had been business traveling abroad to third world countries for over twenty years. In this time he witnessed first-hand the poverty-stricken reality many families and children were forced to face while living under communist regime, with no access to helping hands from anywhere in the world. Closest to Daniel’s heart were the children living in orphanages in communist countries. What many people don’t know is that, from a communist regime’s point of view, it’s illegal to help these orphans understand what life is like outside their dim surroundings, as the ultimate goal is to raise good communist soldiers that despise both capitalism and democracy.

Fed up with watching the children suffer in ignorance, Daniel decided to take matters into his own hands. Daniel headed back to America with the goal of creating a business with which he can directly support children in community countries, no matter how hard it may be to reach them. Although vodka wasn’t the first product Daniel tested, NadaRed became a thriving business model that has enabled him – along with partner Eva Lamackova – to help countless children in communist countries through direct profit share.

Different from other cause-driven companies, NadaRed doesn’t accept donations and doesn’t work with other charity organizations. To help NadaRed achieve its goals, all you need to do is buy a cocktail or bottle at San Diego bars and stores. In working to help millions of orphan children across the globe, Daniel Cabo and Eva Lamackova have created the true taste of freedom: award-winning 80 proof triple distilled vodka produced locally in California.

To learn more about NadaRed and how we can help, I sat down with Daniel Cabo and Eva Lamackova.

DiscoverSD: What does the name NadaRed mean?Eva Daniel: NadaRed is a combination of two words. “Nada” means nothing in Spanish and “red" symbolizes communism and oppressive regimes.

DSD: Why did you choose alcohol, or more specifically, why vodka?ED: Actually the first idea wasn’t an alcohol. The first efforts were to create a clothing line, but neither of us had an expertise in this industry. Since Daniel has been in the alcohol industry for over 20 years and knows the in and outs of it, he decided to change the concept to spirits. We decided to start with vodka, because it’s the number one selling spirit in the world by volume. Currently we’re working on adding tequila and hopefully in several years there’s going to be full line of NadaRed spirits.

DSD: NadaRed isn’t just for a great cause, it’s also tastes great. Brag:ED: After bottling our first samples, we decided to enter our product to the World Spirits Competition that is organized once a year in San Francisco, CA. We knew that we created very high quality spirit, and were very pleasantly surprised when we won a double gold medal at the competition for its taste. What double gold medal means is that 26 alcohol experts blind tested all vodkas in our category and unanimously voted that ours was the best. Products from over 60 countries participate in this competition, so it was a big honor to receive this medal. As far as facts, our product is triple distilled from natural grain, four times filtered, and doesn’t contain any heavy medals which is the determining factor for no hangover. All our bottles are handmade from 99.9% silica with no lead, which is the highest quality glass you can purchase and are 100% recyclable. Also our label is water slide organic and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Also it’s important to mention that the product is made in California.

DSD: Can you please explain how the NadaRed profit funds are used?ED: We currently support 3 orphanages per country in the following countries: Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, China and Russia, so 18 total. We hope to raise the number to hundreds one day. The reason why we're supporting kids in the communist countries is because almost nobody does. From their government point of view it's illegal to help them. The directors at these orphanages are supposed to raise good communistsoldiersthat hate democracy and capitalism. They don’t want any influences from the outside world to affect these kids. It's very sad. I grew up in communism and you pretty much feel like you are living in prison. And when I imagine not having parents on top of that… that's pretty bad life to be born to.

DSD: Out of the six countries you mentioned, only five are communist. Why is Russia on your list?ED: We decided to ad Russia to our network because Russia has the highest number of orphans because of communism. Russia was under communist regime for over 40 years and even though they are democratic for over 20 years now, the damage the regime caused is still huge.

DSD: If it’s so hard to access these orphan children, how are you able to help them?ED: We don't involve any official charity organizations in our work. First of all,for some weird reason the money usually gets very thin by the time it gets to the kids, and also it's pretty dangerous when it comes down to communist countries, so nobody really wants to deal with it. We decided to do it by ourselves.

Initially we had to visit all the directors of the orphanages we decided to support and gain their trust. During this time we developed a safe network of people who help us help the children. We send them money through the network we created, and whenever we have a chance, we go visit and we bring them what they need at the moment. It’s always something different: soap, toothpaste, shoes, underwear, cooking oil, etc. We went on one of our trips about a month ago and got to see the kids again, which is always extremely motivating.

DSD: What are your plans for expanding the NadaRed reach in the future?ED: We hope to spread the word about NadaRed worldwide. We received very positive responses especially from South American Countries, Europe and Asia Pacific, so hopefully we will start exporting in the near future. Unfortunately we have to rely mostly on the word of mouth and good hearted people, because it’s against our beliefs to spend big money on advertising when we know that same money can change lives somewhere else.

DSD: How can we help support NadaRed in San Diego?ED: The concept is very simple. We decided to create a product that you want or need aside from its great cause. When you're out there having fun with your friends and you feel like having a vodka drink –k choose to drink NadaRed! It's a good quality product, and just by having fun with your friends you're helping kids around the world.

We currently have about 40 bars, restaurants and liquor stores in San Diego County that understand our mission and are helping us by selling our product in their establishments. It retails around $18 a bottle, which is a low price for a premium spirit. I would love to point out Urban Solace, Via Italia, 910 Restaurant, Manhattans, Beaumont’s and Dicks Liquor. Owners and employees at these particular establishments are true heroes to the kids we support.

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