How To: Throw a Classic Cigar Party

Choosing the theme of any party is the key to hosting a successful shindig. Above all, the most important thing is that you and your guests enjoy each others company, and get a chance to relax and reconnect outside of the daily stress of work and life.

As a host, the last thing you need is a fussy party theme with lots of complicated details. Yet, if you have been eager to gather your best group of guys and gals for sometime now, but you are not sure how to get them to set down their iPhones and Blackberry's, consider throwing a Cigar Sampling party.

The newest craze among young professionals, cigars are no longer the guilty pleasure of your great-grandfather. With just enough luxury to generate the feeling that you are treating yourself to a well-deserved break, cigars offer an array of different flavors, aromas and types to cater to different palates and cigar aficionados.

Smoked slowly, cigars provide the perfect centerpiece to a party because they last longer than the average cigarette, while staying within the limits of the party's budget. The great thing about throwing a cigar themed party is that cigars pair well with simple foods and fine wines. Whether your friends are keen on smoking or just want to stop by and have a drink, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Here are a few quick tips for throwing a fantastic cigar-sampler party.

The Guest List.

This party theme caters to both your male and your female friends. The gentlemen will be excited about the opportunity to embrace their inner Cigar aficionado, while women may jump at the chance to try it themselves. However, if your girls aren't excited about cigars, not to worry, cigars go great with simple appetizers, wine and Champagne.

Don't hesitate to break out the wine, pop the bubbly and lay out the chocolate and cheese to create an experience for everyone to enjoy. Take note: while none of your guests are required to sample the cigars, make sure not to invite any friends that have an adamant anti-smoking policy (duh!).

Choosing the Right Cigars

With such a wide array of cigars to choose from, it is essential that you avoid the novice cigar trap of buying online and you choose a sampling that is dubbed "premium" from a high quality cigar shop or vendor. Head to your nearest cigar shop and work with a cigar expert to get exactly what you are looking for. Depending on the amount of guests attending, it is recommended that you purchase two samplers with about five to six cigars in each.

Party Snacks.

On the night of the party, keep the party food simple. Cigars pair well with great cheese, chocolate, wine and beer. Be sure to avoid anything too rich and heavy, as you don't want to take away from the main attraction.

Location, Location, Location!

If you are opting to host the party at your home, it is recommended that you start the party off indoors and then move out to a patio or a backyard setting for the cigar sampling. Moving around not only keeps the party interesting, but it also sets the perfect ambiance for the cigars, giving them center stage.

Host Gifts

Instead of bringing a bottle of wine or a host gift encourage your guests to bring a cigar of their choice. The more the merrier!

Cigar Etiquette.

Not everyone is schooled on how to handle a cigar. As the host, it is important that you acquire some basic cigar etiquette that can prevent you from committing any cigar faux-paus off the bat.

Prior to lighting the cigar, cut the cap off the end and use a wooden match or open flame to light it up. Avoid using paper matches and rotate the cigar making sure to hit every part of tip before you take a puff. Lastly, remember that cigars are all about the taste. Like a fine wine, try to appreciate every element that the cigar offers, stimulating all of your senses. The idea is to take the smoke into your mouth, and taste the flavors, smell the aromas, and appreciate the experience, careful not to inhale it into your lungs, unlike a cigarette.

Take the Party To a Bar

While its recommended to keep the size of the party fairly intimate so that you can have enough seating and higher quality cigars to choose from, you can always opt to gather your friends at a great cigar bar! Hoffer's Cigar Bar is a great location for hosting cigar sampling parties, both large and small.

Located in La Mesa, the short distance from downtown makes Hoffer's Cigar Bar worth the travel. With a classy, upbeat atmosphere, the location provides a broad selection of cigars that are sure to satisfy any cigar aficionado's standard. As one of San Diego's premiere cigar lounges, Hoffer's is host to one of the largest selections of cigars to choose from in San Diego. The cigars are kept in two walk-in humidor rooms to ensure the highest quality of freshness.



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