Deadliest Catch Makes Longboard Grill a Local TV Star

The modern world may be obsessed with reality TV, but we locals are obsessed with TV stars, especially San Diego TV stars.

We’ll never forget our Top Chefs Brian Malarkey, Gavin Kayson or Rich Sweeney, but we’re currently obsessed with Jen Guerin on Design Star and Julien Hug on The Bachelorette. Details here.

The latest in reality TV gossip is that during the second week in June, The Discovery Channel filmed After the Catch – a wrap-up show of its fifth season of The Deadliest Catch – at RT’s Longboard Grill in Pacific Beach. 

About “The Deadliest Catch”: This Discovery Channel began as a documentary of the daredevil lifestyle of Alaska fishermen as they take on the great sea to catch King crab. Now in its fifth season, the show has taken a reality TV spin to unveil the personal struggles and heroic quests of the characters.

One day, producers of The Deadliest Catch showed up at RT’s door, requesting to rent out the bar and restaurant for two weeks to create what is now After the Catch. No one was happier than the RT employees who scored two weeks paid vacation…

This spinoff show is a four-part special that enables fans to watch and listen to their favorite captains and deckhands tell the tales from their lives on the Bering Sea. Fans witness these colorful characters together, on land, celebrating their exciting, dangerous and recently popular career. In addition to showing footage never before seen on television, there will also be several surprise guests, including famous crab fisherman and storyteller Spike Walker, author of Coming Back Alive, Nights of Ice and Working on the Edge. Watch episodes of After the Catch.

I can just picture the crew walking down Garnet Avenue, looking into all the potential Pacific Beach bars turned film sets. Moondoggies? No way. Johnny V? Absolutely not. Further east on Garnet, the ocean inspired and surf cultured filled culture of Longboard Grill proves to be the perfect catch.

Insider Tip: Rumor has it that while in San Diego, the cast of “The Deadliest Catch” stayed at Catamaran Resort and Spa and hit up local bars in Pacific Beach and Mission Beach. They loved everything about the laid-back San Diego lifestyle – excepting the no-smoking law, of course.



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