Sip "Wine As Nature Intended It" at Jaynes Gastropub

With so many new wine bars in San Diego, we locals tend to pay more attention to modern lounge décor than the natural spirits swirling around our long stemmed glasses. What’s in your glass? 

Jaynes Gastropub is a believer in natural wine, and is hosting a unique wine dinner to bring the original Dionysian taste buds back to your swayed palate. Jayne invites you to rediscover the natural wine movement and spend an evening tasting a “farm to table” menu paired with 20 natural wines. This organic San Diego event – “Wine As Nature Intended It” – takes place on Sunday, August 9.

What is Natural Wine? Simply stated, natural wine is “wine as nature intended it.” Natural wine is wine that expresses the character of the place where it is made, the grapes with which it is made, and the people who make it. The grape is a natural winemaker. When the berry falls to the ground, naturally occurring yeasts on its skin will turn its sugar into alcohol. The skin then acts as a natural and ideal vessel for grape juice to be turned into wine. Natural winemakers employ “minimal intervention” in winemaking in order to allow Mother Nature to perform her miracle.

Grapes for natural wine are often grown using organic, sustainable, and integrated farming practices but natural wine is as much about the work in the cellar as it is about work in the vineyard. Natural winemakers use “ambient” or naturally occurring yeasts for fermentation and they do not “spoof” the wine by artificially raising alcohol levels or concentrating flavors. 

The Natural wine movement has recently gained popularity in the states. The origins stem from like-minded European winemakers, mostly in France and Italy, mostly in the Loire Valley, but also in Spain and Slovenia. 

Sip for Yourself: On Sunday, August 9 the Jaynes Gastropub staff and natural wine experts will be on hand to discuss natural wine, its importance today, and why natural wine plays such an important role on the Jaynes Gastropub wine list. You will find natural wine at Jaynes Gastropub nightly, but “Wine As Nature Intended It” is a recommended event for natural wine wisdom paired with a special “farm to plate” menu just for this organic occasion. 

Wine As Nature Intended It” is $45/person, from 2-6pm on Sunday August 9. For info and reservations, visit Jaynes Gastropub in Normal Heights

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