Synergie Weight Loss Revolution at The Sanctuary

For decades women and men have been searching for a simple and efficient solution to weight loss and cellulite reduction. Although we're told year after year the key to a healthy lifestyle is the balance of diet and exercise, we firmly grasp on to a glimmer of hope that advanced technology will eventually take the "work" out of working out.

The Sanctuary, a peaceful spa escape in Ocean Beach, is the first day spa in San Diego to introduce the ultimate, guaranteed weight loss and cellulite solution: Synergie Aesthetic Massage. Experience this revolutionary medical spa treatment in a boutique spa setting.

If you're a regular spa-goer paying around $80 a massage, you'll be pleased to discover that for only a few extra dollars per treatment, you could reduce cellulite and drop inches with each relaxing massage. Every San Diegan's dream has finally come true: lose weight as you're massaged to sleep - only at The Sanctuary.

Over the past few years, people looking to shed inches without stepping on a treadmill had 2 main options: Liposuction and Endermologie. A defining element of the Plastic Surgery revolution, Liposuction enabled people to lose weight in a matter of minutes. However, the cost, recovery time, and invasive nature of the Liposuction surgical procedure made many people nervous, preferring an alternative solution that doesn't require the knife.

Endermologie was the non-surgical answer to this market demand. The first treatment approved by the FDA to temporarily reduce cellulite, Endermologie breaks down subcutaneous fat and toxins with a motorized device made of adjustable rollers and controlled suction. Though innovative in its time, the common complaints of Endermologie include pain, pinching, bruising, and fast fading results - due to the roller suction system.

Liposuction and Endermologie are preferred methods of the past. Just in time for the New Year, discover Synergie Aesthetic Massage - the transformative new treatment only offered at The Sanctuary in San Diego. Synergie is a powerful solution to weight loss that reduces cellulite and circumferential body measurements with revolutionary vacuum massage therapy.

The Physiology The Synergie vacuum massage physically manipulates the skin's collagen fibers and connective tissue and increases metabolism to the treated area through increased blood circulation in that specific area. The result of this vacuum massage therapy is a tighter, smoother skin texture and a reduced appearance of cellulite.

The Process The standard Synergie treatment program consists of a series of twice-weekly sessions for a recommended 8 weeks, followed by monthly maintenance visits. The number of treatments is customized to meet the individual's goals, however significant results are guaranteed with an 8 week program plan.

Promised Results Two noted plastic surgeons conducted a study in 1998 to confirm the efficacy of Synergie with 91% of the treated women reporting a significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite and circumferential measurements. Since 1998, women all over the world have experienced dramatic results with this weight loss solution.

Tracy Duhs, owner of The Sanctuary, explains the guaranteed results: "The average Synergie client loses 9 inches over the course of 16 treatments, but, no matter what, a loss of 6 inches is guaranteed with 16 Synergie treatments."

Personal Reverie The Synergie treatment is one you truly have to experience to understand. This December I visited The Sanctuary for my first Synergie consultation and treatment. Though I am a frequent spa-goer for massages and facials, I'm thus far a virgin for medical spa and plastic surgery treatments. Sure, the results of Liposuction sound great - but I'm not quite ready to throw myself under the knife in the name of vanity.

The most important thing to realize is The Sanctuary offers a revolutionary medical spa treatment in a peaceful day spa setting. Erase all images of cold doctor's offices and breezy paper gowns from your mind; at The Sanctuary, your Synergie treatment begins with a warm cup of organic tea and a flower petal infused spa foot massage as you relax on the couch and learn all about the positive effects of Synergie from your highly knowledgeable and trained esthetician.

After you learn about the physiology of your skin's collagen and the innovative details of the Synergie vacuum massage therapy, you are lead into the personal spa treatment room. With soothing music playing and peaceful candles burning, you change into a white full body jumpsuit and lay down on the warmed treatment bed. For about 40 minutes, the vacuum therapy is guided along all contours of your body in a mixture of vertical and circular motions, depending on the treated area. From my arms to my hips and stomach, the Synergie vacuum therapy felt like a deep massage on my entire body.

Though I was personally eager to ask questions and learn more about the process, I could have easily slipped into nap time, as many regular clients do. The Synergie vacuum gave me no pain, but rather the regular benefits of a soothing deep-tissue massage, plus the extra perks of improving circulation, eliminating toxins, reducing cellulite, and dropping inches. Although my preliminary session didn't drop inches off my waist, it did give me the confidence in Synergie to return and continue the program.

"Synergie drains toxins, increases circulation, tightens and plumps skin texture, and warms up the body," says Tracy Duhs. "Although I don't have a personal goal to lose weight, I still benefit from Synergie to increase circulation and keep my hands and feet warm during the winter and to release the toxins from my body. No matter the body type or weight loss goals, all clients will benefit from Synergie."

To try out the Synergie Aesthetic Massage at The Sanctuary, you can do a trial session for $100, buy 8 sessions for $750 or purchase the complete program with 16 sessions for $1,350. If you are a local spa-goer who regularly enjoys massages for about $80 each treatment, it's time to step up your spa game and upgrade your massage to a Synergie Aesthetic Massage. For just a few dollars more per treatment, you can enjoy a full body massage while reducing cellulite and losing up to 9 inches.

A loss of 6 inches is guaranteed with 16 Synergie treatments. However, to fully experience the best reduction results of up to 9 inches, Tracy Duhs recommends complementing the Synergie program with a healthy diet and fitness routine: "It's important to eat healthy and drink a lot of water during the program - it's counterproductive to put toxins into your body, such as alcohol or processed foods, while the Synergie is working to eliminate those same toxins from your body."

Visit The Sanctuary for a Synergie consultation. Your work-less workout routine is now a reality - discover a new you for the New Year. Call 619.861.8351 to book your Synergie massage today.

Insider Tip: Celebrity fans of the Synergie Cellulite Program include Cher and Madonna. Cher brings her own Synergie vacuum massage therapy machine on tour all over the world, and Madonna is rumored to consider Synergie a significant element in her health regime.



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