Mission Possible La Vida La Jolla

It's hard to believe it's been almost 10 years since I loaded up the Penske and headed out west. It took 2 years of knowing to finally realize it was time to leave Dallas, Texas, AKA my native Big D.

In the green day of my Texas youth, I met a group of select individuals that made a dramatic impact on my life. As they were all from So Cal, mostly San Diego, I thought I might reconnect with kindred folk in the move.

When browsing destinations for my survey trip, I discovered The Sheraton at the Embarcadero and a historic hotel called The Colonial in a little village by the water called La Jolla. After a couple qualifying questions, the decision was a no-brainer.

The near-immortal memory of my first morning in La Jolla is waking up with windows open, soliciting a divine breeze through my room overlooking Prospect Street.

Awake and inspired, I eagerly went outside to endeavor Girard when I stumbled upon Harry's, a La Jolla breakfast diner. This La Jolla restaurant could not have been more perfect for this moment. The environment harkened familial Brooklyn roots and the local diner atmosphere was just what I was seeking. I cracked open the Union Tribune and was greeted by a big smile and a cup of Joe, with Harry Rudolph Jr. as my royal host. Before this moment, I had no knowledge of La Jolla or the restaurants and attractions it has to offer. Now, my knowledge of La Jolla has evolved.

San Diego is a solace I earned. My acclamation and sense of connectivity took time; a greater transition than I ever anticipated. There were times I wanted to escape somewhere more comfortable, but the gestation period had already begun, and the thought of leaving early became a non-negotiable choice.

Today, I feel eternally blessed to be who and where I am. The transition to La Jolla has been an incredible journey. Where I once felt a complete lack of identity, I now feel connected to everyone and everything around me, which becomes more beautiful everyday.   The water has been a tremendous part of my adaptation. Each opportunity I have to paddle out into the ocean is like being submersed in life. The evolution of my friendship with the Pacific Ocean has made me protective and loyal. And I do hope to pay her back for everything she has given me along this ride. I don't know what it is about San Diego, but there is something very magical, if you truly look around. There is richness far beyond designer labels, and indeed, I have found my kindred brothers and sisters.

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